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    New PEKAES terminal in Opole

Błonie, 4 November 2019  

PEKAES, a leader on the market of transportation, is consistent in pursuing the strategy of distribution network development by launching a modern transhipment terminal in Opole. The advantages of the new facility include an area optimally suited to the logistics operation, modern infrastructure and a perfect location near the motorway running towards Katowice and Wrocław. The first transports from the new terminal have already departed for customers in the Opole and Silesian provinces.

A growing demand for logistics services makes the PEKAES group expand its distribution terminals and move them to new locations. After terminals in Kielce and Legnica were completed, the Company announced the delivery of another facility in Opole, at 95 Partyzancka Street. The PEKAES Opole Branch has also been moved to the new location.
The new PEKAES terminal is fitted with a modern dock, loading ramps and gate infrastructure enabling access to the ramp and zero level loading. The terminal started operating on 31 October this year.

 – We needed more terminal space as the demand for general cargo services in this part of the country was rapidly increasing. The existing terminal was too small to embrace all the operations carried out in Opole. Now, with our well-developed network of terminals, we can reduce the delivery time of both domestic and international general cargo shipments, as well as increase the frequency of our export and import lines in selected directions – says Maciej Bachman, the President of the PEKAES Management Board.
PEKAES successively develops the infrastructure of the national distribution network. This year, the Company launched modern terminals in Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Kielce and Legnica, and on October 31 we opened the facility in Opole. PEKAES has a total of 19 distribution terminals, to ensure efficient distribution of general cargo on the territory of Poland and Europe. The President of the PEKAES Group announces further investments and further development of the national distribution network planned for January next year.
The PEKAES Group is a leading logistics group, and it consists of the following companies: PEKAES Sp. z o.o., Chemikals Sp. z o.o., Spedycja Polska SPEDCONT Sp. z o.o.

PEKAES Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest companies in the TFL (Transport, Forwarding, Logistics) sector. PEKAES provides comprehensive service to Clients in all areas of the supply chain – it offers the full range of warehouse logistics services, domestic and international distribution of groupage and freight forwarding services: domestic and international full truck load forwarding, sea, air and rail freight forwarding, logistics services for bulk goods and intermodal services.
PEKAES has one of the most efficient domestic networks of distribution terminals, container and handling rail terminals in Poland and a network of several dozen international partners in the key European countries. In 19 Polish branches, 3 rail terminals and 6 logistics warehouses, the company employs over 1200 people.
PEKAES invests in the latest IT solutions and keeps improving its logistics operations to ensure the highest service quality. For more information about the PEKAES Group, go to:

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PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                                 Błonie, 31 January 2018
PEKAES increase the warehouse space in Mazovia
PEKAES, a leading logistics operator, opened an additional high bay warehouse in Pass near Warsaw Branch Office. The building is designated to serve contract logistics projects. PEKAES Group plans to make further investments in new distribution terminal this year.  

An additional PEKAES logistics warehouse in the Warsaw Branch allows for both the on-shelf storage and block stacking of goods. The building is managed by a modern WMS system. 

Due to the rapid increase in volumes as part of LTL distribution, we decided to increase the warehouse space of the Warsaw Branch. We moved operations related to contract logistics to a new building located in Pass near Warsaw Branch, thus increasing the available space in the Warsaw distribution terminal. I would like to add that this year, we are planning further investments in terminal infrastructure – in February we will open another distribution terminal in western Poland – said Maciej Bachman, the CEO of PEKAES Group.

The newly opened PEKAES warehouse is located in close proximity to the distribution terminal of the Warsaw Branch. The building is located on the grounds of the P3 Błonie modern warehouse park, on 19 Passowska street in Pass. The close proximity of national road no. 92 and the A2 motorway ensures excellent connections to all destinations in Poland. 

Company information 
PEKAES Group – the leading logistics group, owning one of the main logistics and supply chain companies on the Polish market, PEKAES Sp. z o.o.
PEKAES provides Customers with comprehensive service within the entire supply chain – it offers the full package of warehouse logistics services, domestic and international LTL distribution, domestic and international FTL forwarding, sea, air and rail freight forwarding, as well as bulk goods logistics and intermodal services. PEKAES Group includes: PEKAES Sp. z o.o., Chemikals Sp. z o.o., Spedycja Polska SPEDCONT Sp. z o.o.
PEKAES has one of the most effective networks of domestic distribution terminals, a network of rail container and cargo handling terminals in Poland and a network of several foreign partners in all key European countries. The company employs over 1,000 persons in 19 branches in Poland, 2 container terminals, 1 cargo handling terminal and 5 logistic warehouses.
PEKAES invests in the most up-to-date IT solutions and continuously improves logistics operations, thus ensuring the highest quality of services provided. For more information on PEKAES Group, please visit the following websites:
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